Passing the Tradition


One of my fondest childhood memories is playing clay/play dough with you. We usually spent an hour after school playing and making shapes. I remember just watching you mold the clay and create something awesome out of it. Fond, fond memories!

Well, even though you’re gone, I wouldn’t want the Pies to miss out of the fun of playing with clay. So, a few weeks ago, I started passing the tradition. Here’s us presenting our Angry Birds creations, fast-food orders and whatnots: 

clay time with the Pies

moi, the Pies, cousin Diane

clay time with the Pies


clay time with the Pies

Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie


The Pies thoroughly enjoyed our clay-play-time. I know if you’re still with us, you’ll definitely be our clay pack leader! 😀

And oh, my “crafty” side is emerging, once again, so I made Pia a Rapunzel hair! 

rapunzel diy hair

She tolerates her Mita. 😉

We miss you, Dad!

Love you LOTS!!!



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